Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs, Display, Processor, RAM, S Pen & Launch Updates

Samsung is one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world. And not only that all of their devices are really futuristic and Samsung always succeeds in bringing something new to the table. It has been almost over three to four months since they started selling Galaxy Note 8. One of the flagship phone of Samsung. It was the first smartphone from Samsung which featured the dual camera, live messaging which will allow you to send animated messages to anyone, they also added some more smoothness to the S Pen so that user can easily write, draw or do much more with the help of it.

Just after the four months of the release of Galaxy Note 8, there are now rumours going around about Samsung’s next flagship phone which is none other than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Samsung has named this project as “The crown”, So you can easily guess how important this phone is going to be for Samsung. This article will inform you about all kinds of specs regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. You just have to keep in mind that all of these specs may not be true as most of them are rumours and some of them are opinions of different experts in this field. So without wasting much of your time lets just get straight into the main stuff. Let’s see the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumours, specs like processor, display, screen size, RAM, S pen and pricing information in this article.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs, Display, RAM, S Pen, & Hardware Specifications


Galaxy Note 9 Display Technology & Screen Size

Whenever we think about Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices they are going to be big in the display size without any question. Samsung did a wonderful job in providing a really nice infinity display with OLED screen. Most of the previous Galaxy Note devices were of size 5.7 inches but they break that boundary with Galaxy Note 8 and provided a solid 6.3 inches screen with a bezel-less display or as they call it infinity display which provided users with more room to use S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display, Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display, Screen

So there is a possibility that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 display will have the same screen size of 6.3 but with the same aspect ratio of 18:5:9 which is probably the same as the Note 8 but since it is an up gradation they might increase the resolution for the screen. Also, it is likely that there will be MOBILE HDR on board on the Galaxy Note 9 to provide a user with much more rich and vibrant colours.

Note 9 Cameras (Front & Rear)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was one of the first device introduced by the Samsung which had a dual rear camera, It is expected that they will keep the same with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Not only that but they will improve the quality of the camera and it is also saying that they will introduce iris scanner as well.

Note 9 Cameras

Note 9 Cameras

It is expected that Samsung will keep the same format of the camera for the Galaxy Note 9 which they have used for Galaxy Note 8, which is one camera with a wide angle and the second camera with a telephoto lens. Also, there will be huge improvements in image processing. It is also expected that they will increase the resolution on both the front camera as well as on the back camera.


Galaxy Note 9 Body & Buttons

Another main thing that people are excited to see in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the built-in fingerprint scanner beneath the display. This was also the feature which was rumoured to be included in the Apple’s iPhone X but sadly it wasn’t, But Samsung is trying their best to beat the Apple and introduce this in their Phone’s first. As you all know that the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes metal and glass build which has a dual edge design and in the back, there are two cameras Along with the fingerprint sensor. Until now there have been no rumours regarding the display of the Galaxy Note 9 but it is quite obvious that Samsung might stick with the traditional design like the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Concept

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Conecpt

The only difference is going to be mostly the fingerprint sensors, Most of the Note 8 users have said that the fingerprint sensor is not quite positioned well on the Galaxy Note 8 device So Samsung is working to remove it from the back and just include the fingerprint scanner beneath the display. And all the S Pen fans don’t worry the Galaxy Note 9 will also Come with a built-in S Pen and it is most likely that the whole device will be waterproof as well.


Galaxy Note 9 Hardware & Specs

Up until this point, if you have read everything, I think that you might have had a pretty good idea about how the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 device is going to look like but whats going to be inside the phone is also as much as important as the premium looks of the phone. It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will at least have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor or it will have the latest Exynos chip from the Samsung itself. The main issue that people had with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was the battery life it was only 3300mAh which was even less than the Samsung Galaxy S8.

I think Samsung deliberately introduced less battery in the Note 8 simply because there were issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but I hope that Samsung would have found the solution to their problem by now and they would introduce a far greater battery life for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It goes without saying that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a USB type C for charging as well as it will support quick charging and wireless charging technology as well.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have 6 gigs of RAM with the capacity of almost 64GB of internal storage which can be extended with the help of microSD card. It is also expected that Samsung will work on their Audio quality to provide much more enriched sound effects in their Galaxy Note 9.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Version

Now that you have probably got the Idea about the quality of the device and the hardware that Samsung is going to offer to its users, It is also expected that the device will have Android 8.0  which is Android Oreo inbuilt along with some additional features which we will get better idea once they announce the Galaxy S9 and other devices.


S Pen or Stylus

S Pen or Stylus

S Pen or Stylus

Most of the Note users buy this phone simply because of its versatility and the S Pen. As with all the Note devices, The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is also going to have a built-in S Pen and it will provide lots of features to its users. It is rumoured that Samsung may try to introduce Breath Analyzer in their S Pen.


Wrapping up,

Samsung is really hyping the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and with the recent success of their devices like Galaxy Note8, S8 and S8 plus it is safe to say that when Samsung announces the official news about the Galaxy Note 9 it is going to be one of the best futuristic smartphones in the world. Let’s just hope that Samsung will not fail to deliver on those promises and face any other issue like they did with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Just keep in mind that with the recent hike in the prices of Smartphones thanks to Apple’s iPhone X, It suffices to say that the price point of the Galaxy Note 9 can be high as well.  Hope, you found Samsung Galaxy Note 9 news, updates and specs.