Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Launch Dates, Release Date 2018 (Full Update)

Samsung is one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the whole world. They just released their one of the flagship phone and that is Samsung galaxy note 8 on the 15th of September in the United Kingdom and as most of the people expected the phone was a super hit. All of the new features that they introduced including a dual camera on the rear with live messaging which included you can send animated messages to anybody and the main thing that every tech geek is excited about Samsung’s galaxy note devices was the S Pen. They also improved its functionality and provided users with much more smooth experience.

But let us get on to the main topic of our article and that is Samsung galaxy note 9.  It has been almost over four months since the release of Samsung’s galaxy note 8 and there are already rumours spreading around their next flagship phone or more like their next flagship phablet that is Samsung galaxy note 9. This is a phablet that many of the people are eager to see and whether or not Samsung will be successful in bringing something new to the table. Let’s see the Samsung Galaxy note 9 launch dates or release dates on 2018. Check out Samsung galaxy note 9 news for more information.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Launch, Release Updates 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Concept

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Conecpt

There have been so many rumours that are going on about this device. The previous generations of the galaxy note devices were really amazing and futuristic as well. for example consider the Galaxy Note 8 the design, the bezel less display, the processing power, the RAM and overall functionality of the phone was just amazing.  And it was one of the best smartphones that Samsung ever produced and most of you probably know it by now that it is one of the best selling product this year so far. Also, the Galaxy Note 7 was really amazing in terms of its features and overall functionality except for the fact that the device literally started to blow up. But a small set back like that happens to every big tech giant and that’s why they provided some really nice functionalities and features in Galaxy Note 8 but the only drawback of the phone was Galaxy Note 8 had a low battery life that’s it. Other than that all the Galaxy Note devices right from the start never failed to deliver in functionalities and futuristic designs.

That’s why all the world is now keeping an eye on Samsung to see what they will be bringing to the table when Galaxy note 9 launch dates will be announced .

Samsung has named their Galaxy note 9 project as “The crown”. Now from the name itself most of you have got the idea that this device is going to be a huge deal for Samsung. rumours have said that this phone will provide its users with much more functionality not only in the device but also in S Pen. It is rumoured that Samsung is going to be introducing breath analyzer in their S Pen so that people can easily check their alcohol level themselves with all the other kinds of features like dual rear camera, Under display fingerprint sensor which means that there will not be a specific place for a fingerprint sensor like on the back of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Basically, fingerprint built within the display was also rumoured for Apple’s iPhone X but it didn’t pan out. It is also expected that the aspect ratio and the resolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will likely to be increased. And to talk in terms of the camera the device will most likely going to retain the dual camera structure like the Galaxy Note 8 but it will have improvements and iris scanning is also going to be expected from the Galaxy Note 9 device. The overall device is also going to be powered with almost Six gigs of RAM and a powerful latest Exynos chip as well. The device is mostly going to provide only a single slot for sim and it will also have expandable storage as well.

The Samsung’s Note 8 was announced in the Augst 23 and the same thing was followed previously by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. So it is expected that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 will be announced around the third quadrant of the next year which 2018 and by the final Fourth quadrant the device will be available for sale all over the world. To have a much more clear Idea about the Galaxy Note 9 we will have to wait until next year’s Mobile Expo. where Samsung might reveal their another Flagship phone which is Samsung Galaxy S9.


Wrap up,

The Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 release dates is said to be a real feature packed phone with much more futuristic design than the Apple’s iPhone X. and now as most of you have idea that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 retails for around $929 / £869 / AU$1,499 but with the Appl’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X release the prices of the smartphones were pushed to a new high, So it is expected that the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is also going to be much higher.

In India Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is available for around seventy thousand rupees and some of the market’s analyzers suggest that with the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 this price may increase. Hope you found the Galaxy note 9 launch dates or release dates.  If yes let us know in the comment section below, also follow our blog to get all the latest and greatest Note 9 updates.