Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pricing In US, UK, India, Australia, & Worldwide

Just four to five months ago Samsung introduced their one of the best selling phones yet and that was Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Although it was quite expensive but people were still buying that phone with the help of EMI’s or using some other discounts simply because the phone had lots of features and it was really futuristic and provided users with the freedom to do almost anything.

It has not been much time but now the tech market or should I say Mobile market is keeping a special eye on the Samsung simply because they want to see whether or not they will be able successfully to beat Apple’s iPhone X with their other flagship phones. People are getting more and more excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 simply because there are lots of rumours going around in the market with all the extra features, Bezel-less display or as they call it infinity display and a fingerprint sensor built-in within the display of the phone. let’s see, what’s the actually Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price in US, UK, India, Canada, Australia, & other countries. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pricing in US, UK, India, Australia, Canada 2018

Their recent Note phone which was Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was a massive success and that’s why people are wondering what new things are they going to be introducing in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It has been rumoured that the Galaxy Note 9 will be much more powerful both in terms of Hardware as well as Software. It is expected that the phone will include the latest Exynos chip along with almost six gigs of RAM and a sixty-four GB of internal storage which can be expanded up to two TB with the help of the MicroSD card.  It is also going to be having a dual rear camera with a faster image processing and additional features as well as improved resolution, Face recognition, an iris scanner etc.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 prices

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 prices

It is also rumoured that the Galaxy Note 9 will have an octa-core processor along with that it will have fingerprint sensor which is going to be built in behind the display so that you don’t have to reach that awkward spot to scan your finger and unlock your phone like you did with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Like the previous Note devices, Samsung is most likely to be introducing their Galaxy Note 9 in the third Quadrant of the next year and it will be available for purchase from all over the world after the two to three months from its release.

You might know that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 just costs around $1,114 and it is expected that the Galaxy Note 9 will also come around the same price range with few extra bucks here and there. The Galaxy Note 8 costs around  £869 only and when the Note 8 launches you can be sure that it will be only around  £900 or  £1000. This is the same case with the India. When the Galaxy Note 8 first came out in India for Sale it costs around seventy thousand rupees but now the price has come down to almost sixty-five thousand rupees. So it is safe to say that the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be around eighty to ninety thousand rupees.

Countries Pricing of Note 9
Unites States~ 1000$
India~ 82,000 INR
Canada~ 1300 CAD (Before tax)
Australia~ 1370 AUD
China~ 6000 Yuan

All of the prices which are mentioned above are just complete rumours simply because there is a chance that Samsung might up the Price of their Phone’s simply because the New Apple iPhone X costs around $1000 in the US. The only advantage that Samsung has over Apple is that they can also introduce the dual sim feature in the Galaxy Note 9 like they did with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which was available for Sale in the UK.

It is expected that during the third and the fourth quadrant of the year 2018 the phone would be easily available for purchase throughout the world and we really hope that Samsung provides its users with all of their Money’s Worth that they are going to be spending on buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price. For more updates follow our blog to get more Galaxy note 9 launch dates, rumours, and updates.