What We Expect From Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2018? A Geek Needs

Samsung really took over the market when they introduced one of the best flagship phones that they ever created and it was Samsung Galaxy Note 8. People were a bit sceptical about it since they had a very bad experience with the previous version of Note phone which was Samsung Galaxy Note 7, But other than that all of the phones in the Note series always managed to bring something new to the table and have a cutting edge over their competitors.

And now that Samsung is ready to launch their “Crown” project in probably third or fourth quadrant of the next year which is Samsung Galaxy Note 9, there have been so many rumours going on around in the market like the S Pen will have a breath analyzer so that people can check their alcohol levels and all, Plus the cameras are going to be having an iris scanner and god knows what not.

Whether these rumours are true or not we will only find it out only when Samsung makes an official announcement of the Galaxy Note 9. We really don’t know whether or not Samsung is going to give all of such features in their Galaxy Note 9 device but we sure know that there are some things or some features that we would like to see in their Next Flagship Phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 9. So following is the list of all thing that we would like to see in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Follow our blog to know more about Galaxy note 9 launch dates or updates.

What we Expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2018?



Samsung Galaxy Note 9 prices

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 prices

This is one of the most popular rumours which is currently going on about this device. This rumour was also spread during the Apple’s iPhone X’s launch but sadly it never came true. So now Samsung is working on providing users with a fingerprint scanner which will be placed behind the display of the phone so that user don’t have to get their Finger behind the phone in an Awkward position just to unlock their phone just like the users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are doing it, they can simply tap anywhere on the screen or on some part of the screen and the phone will unlock automatically.



One of the many things that Samsung Note users have been complaining is about the quality of the sound from the phone’s speaker. Samsung somewhat tried their best to solve this problem in the Galaxy Note 8 but the attempt was not that good enough. We really hope that Samsung will improve their speakers in the Galaxy Note 9 and provide the users to listen to the music straight away from their Mobile Speakers with a really high quality of sound. We expect that Galaxy Note 9 should have two speakers on the front of the phone so that User can get the best experience whenever he is watching something on the screen.



Samsung launched their Bixby as a competitor to the Google’s voice assistant and Apple’s Siri but up until now it has been failing miserably, We really hope that Samsung improves its functionality and it can be used with ease just like we are using the Apple’s Siri and Google’s Voice Assistant.



As we are all familiarized with the disasters of the Galaxy Note 7, that’s why as a precaution Samsung reduced the Battery life in the Galaxy Note 8 and it was even smaller than what was offered in the Samsung Galaxy S8. We really hope that Samsung has managed to find the root cause of the problem and now has been able to fix it so that they can easily provide much more battery life to the Galaxy Note 9.



Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display, Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display, Screen

We have been using the Note devices since they came out and all of them were of the 5.7 inches in size but that’s when Samsung introduced Galaxy Note 8 which was a total of 6.3 Inches in Size and had infinity display. We don’t want Samsung to increase the screen Size in the Galaxy Note 9 we just want them to provide much more space to the users by providing them with much fewer Bezel sizes. We would really love if Samsung pulled something like Apple’s iPhone X and provide the user with a completely bezel-less display.



As recently Apple introduced their iPhone X at almost a thousand dollar price mark there is a huge possibility that Samsung will introduce their Galaxy Note 9 much higher than the price point of Galaxy Note 8. We really hope they sell the phone within the Same price range of the Note 8. Check out our recent post about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 prices.

the above mentioned are things that we would love to see in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9, We really hope that Samsung at least manages to fulfil some of them.